A taste of Indonesia

A taste of Indonesia



Rijsttafel is a Dutch word that literally translates as "rice table”. The Indonesian Rijsttafel is an elaborate meal that has been adopted by the Dutch and it consists of many side dishes served as small portions, all accompanied by rice that is prepared in several different ways.



Around the 18th century it was custom to provide a festive type of meal that would represent the multi-ethnic nature of the Indonesian archipelago. Dishes were assembled from many of the far flung regions of Indonesia, where many different cuisines exist. 



Our Indonesian rijsttafel is a well balanced combination of 10 dishes, plus condiments:

Rendang daging, softly stewed and caramelised beef

Ikan Rica Rica, stewed fish in a spicy sauce
(Don't like fish? Exchange it for chicken saté)

Ayam masak sereh, chicken stewed in lemongrass sauce

Tempeh manis, fried soy bean cake with chilis, kaffir lime leaves, palm sugar and sweet soy sauce 

Sambal goreng telor, boiled and deep fried eggs in a spicy chili paste

Acar ketimun, sweet and sour cucumber salad, with red bell pepper and shalots

Sayur buncis, green beans and chinese cabbage in a ginger-coconut sauce

Nasi goreng, fried rice with shrimp paste and omelet

Bami goreng, fried noodles with sweet soy sauce and omelet


Nasi putih, steamed jasmin rice



Accompanied by Krupuk, homemade sambal and serundeng


Have this richness of flavours for €24,50 per person.
(minimum 2 people, on reservation only)

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